you can call me ares or bo
nicknames are welcome!

nonbinary | he/they | 18↑ | southeast asian mix
18↓ REQ = OK | selective followback | like my tweets

i indirect my friends a lot. please do not vague me.
if i do anything wrong, dm me! remind me to tag things.
i dont participate in drama. softblock when unfollowing.

i run these accounts:
@positsukinaga @happyshinonon @posihoshi

ask for: age, private twitter, or off-twitter contact

don't follow if...

you're racist,ableist, homophobic, transphobic, etc.
you're antikin
you ship incest or pedophilia
you're overly involved in discourse or drama
you're heavily involved with kpop
you won't see me as my IDs or hate doubles
you know me irl unless i gave permission